The SUCCESS Business Building System

The SUCCESS Business Building System

 The success principles you will need to apply to build your network marketing business.


Network Marketing sometimes known as Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Sales is a great way to get into business without investing a lot of money. No overheads, time freedom, unlimited income and much more have made it very attractive for millions of people around the world.

However, it has sometimes had a negative image mainly for the following reasons.

Some companies have let their distributors down by changing things to the distributors’ disadvantage, by selling out or going broke. Some distributors have not been ethical or professional and therefore have turned other distributors off. Unfortunately many distributors have not been successful because they were not properly trained and quit before they put the time in to understand the business. The industry has often suffered due to ignorance – for example there has been some confusion with illegal practices such as Pyramid Selling which was banned long ago (the nineteen seventies) so people being introduced to the industry today often do not understand how credible it is.

It has been said that Network Marketing is an industry of marketing, training and promotion pursued by people who have no idea how to market, train or promote.

I have found this to be largely true so I put together a system twenty years ago for people to follow and enjoyed success in the five countries where the company was operating.


Why wouldn’t someone follow a system?

Why would anyone want to re-invent the wheel?

Good questions so here are my thoughts –

As people do not invest much money when they join a Network Marketing Company some tend to not treat it seriously. Typically, it only costs a few hundred dollars (including some products) to get started in a Network Marketing business whereas if it had been a franchise it would have been hundreds of thousands of dollars and they would have followed the handbook religiously.


So, many people do not treat their distributorship as a business – this is most important and why you need a system (as do those people you introduce) because a system gives you steps to follow based on experience and proven success principles. Note that franchising is largely successful because they always have a system to follow as part of the package.

I won’t tell you Network Marketing is easy, but it is simple, and the rewards can be enormous – not just the financial rewards but the benefits of your products, the friendships you make, the personal growth, the fun, the time freedom, travel opportunities, tax deductions and more, so what if it is not really easy, nor are most jobs (JOB stands for Just Over Broke). Having said all that, it need not be too hard so follow the system and you should enjoy your Network Marketing business. Success breeds success!

Because things change over the years I have revised and simplified my system, but success principles never change so let me share those with you in four steps.


Step 1 – MOTIVATION – why.

You have been introduced to some great products along with a business opportunity marketing those products.

WHY would you want to join?

What is your motivation?

To have access to the products?

If this is your reason for joining it is good enough but you may wish to share the products with others particularly if you have experienced significant benefits such as improvements in your health so think about all aspects of your WHY.

To make enough money to pay for your products each month?

To make a part time or full time income?

To make money is usually the main reason someone would invest in a business so again think about all aspects of it –

How much? What for? Pay debts? Quit job? New home? New car? Travel?

More time freedom? Work from home?


So, discuss your WHY with your spouse, sponsor or upline leader and set some goals.

Visualise yourself achieving your WHY – what would it be like? How would you feel?

I recommend making a vision board or a vision book – cut out some pictures from magazines such as the kind of house you would like, the kind of car you would like, places you would like to go for holidays, clothes you would like, your new watch – you get the idea, now you can see the pictures so look at the board placed in your office area at home or in the book you look through daily to motivate and inspire you. These are your reasons for building a new business and there must be one over-riding reason – your WHY!

For help in success planning I recommend the classic book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – he said, “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

Also understand “The Law of Attraction” – you deserve health, happiness and success, you are living in a great time of abundance, technology and knowledge so enjoy your life and the blessings of helping others in your new business – but it is up to you to attract them. You can do it!

If you have doubts about your ability I can help as with a bit of work I know most people can succeed as long as they really want to and are teachable.

Step 2 – PREPARATION – knowledge.

Ideally before you select your Network Marketing Company you should do your homework or due diligence as it is called.

How long have they been in business? Is there a track record?

Who are the Founders and Corporate Leaders?  Do they have the right experience?

Is there a unique product or idea you can lead with – ideally with credibility such as clinical studies and it should be affordable and beneficial to many people all around the world?

Do you understand the compensation plan? It should be lucrative, fair and simple to explain.

What tools does the company have? On joining you should be supplied with quality literature and a website you can refer people to and your website should have a “back office” where you can keep track of all aspects of your business such as your orders, your commission and the activity of the distributors in your group.

The company should have other tools such as videos explaining the products and the business and the credibility of the company.

If the company has webinars and seminars make sure you attend and continue to learn from the corporate leaders and the successful team leaders.

Continue to use the products and develop a testimonial that you can share with confidence – commit to a monthly order called Autoship.

So, make sure you are familiar with all the above – study everything as you would if you had paid a million dollars for your business.

Usually the company would have a template for business cards which they authorise as there are always rules about using their name, logo etc., so read the policies and procedures and make sure you understand and agree with them.

Then go ahead and get some business cards and stickers with your name, your email address, your phone number and your website address.

It is better to use your mobile phone number and make sure you always answer it professionally or have a message service if you are not available. You must be contactable and it is best not to have children answer your business phone.

Even if you choose to build your business online you will be meeting people in everyday situations so look the part – be well dressed and well groomed, be genuine, be positive and have tools nearby – if only a business card in your wallet or purse but not a dirty or bent one.

Remember this – you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, you sell yourself first!

So, knowledge builds confidence – confidence in yourself, your product, your company and the industry. We know how the health, wellness, antiaging industry is booming worldwide but what about the Network Marketing Industry? You must have confidence in that too.

As mentioned in the Introduction, the Direct Selling/MLM/Network Marketing Industry is often misunderstood. It is not Pyramid Selling where if you have enough money you can buy a position at the top instead of working your way up the commission scale – in that system the emphasis was on recruiting people for money, not moving product. Now the industry is carefully regulated and unethical practices are banned in most countries. It is a $200 billion, 60 year old industry with over 100 million distributors worldwide so is very credible and successful. Products and services are marketed direct to consumers saving them money by cutting the costs of advertising and distribution. The strength of direct selling lies in its tradition of independence, service to consumers and commitment to entrepreneurial growth in the free market system. Direct selling provides accessible business opportunities to people looking for alternative sources of income and whose entry is not restricted by gender, age, education, or previous experience.

Compared to conventional business the initial investment is very low and can be run with low overheads from the comfort of your home.

So, you are in business – organise a place in your home where you have some privacy, access to your computer and your tools and a system to keep track of your expenses so that you can claim legitimate tax deductions. I must emphasise how important it is to have your act together – if you are not organised in your office but more importantly in your head you will find it difficult to achieve your goals no matter how big your WHY is. You can get help in this by talking to successful people in your upline and by reading personal development books and doing all the other things I have recommended to boost your confidence in your products, company etc., but it is the level of confidence you have in yourself which will ultimately determine your success.

Step 3 – ACTION – goals.

Nothing happens without action so what is your action plan?

Your sponsor and upline leaders should be available to help you put your plan together which is a strong benefit in a NWM business as other people have a vested interest in your success unlike the corporate world where people tend to look to their own promotion and not others.

Anyway, some of your upline will have expertise in approaching those they know – their network or warm market. Others may prefer the cold market – people they meet through advertising or calling on businesses and others may have success with internet marketing and social media. A combination of all of the above is a good idea as you learn and grow in your business because any activity works providing there is enough of it.

While some people shy away from contacting those they know, if your product is so good that it helps people that would be the best place to start – some will definitely be interested in the product when they hear your testimonial and see how good you look while others may be fed up with their job and looking for a business or simply want to earn some extra income to pay off debts, etc.

So, make a list of everyone you know – your email address book is a good place to start and don’t pre-judge, include everyone no matter how well you know them, and each day have a notebook handy and keep adding to your list. If this is done properly you will never run out of names.

Do not pre-judge as you never know everything about a person – is their interest in better health or more money and all that can do such as time freedom to pursue worthwhile interests?


Write a paragraph on why you are excited about using the products such as your health expectations because of the science behind the products, potential health benefits etc.

Write another paragraph on why you have joined the business, getting products at wholesale prices, extra income, time freedom, debt repayment etc.

Then put these paragraphs into a letter format and once you have done this contact so many people* per day (in person or by phone) and ‘invite’ them to have a look at what you are doing, then e-mail your letter to them along with the link to your website and follow up with a phone call the next day. You can also put this letter on your website as your profile along with your photo.

*How many will depend on your WHY and how much you want to earn.


You are the only one who can determine how much time you can put into your business – if your WHY is strong enough you will find time. If you have a demanding job and are a busy parent you may only be able to find 5-6 hours a week but as long as you make that time productive you can still succeed and reach your goals. You need action goals such as talk to 3-5 people a day, 5-6 days a week – so what if only 3 of them sign up each month, you will still be very successful. Also, financial goals – if your WHY is to pay off debts, first you need to earn enough to pay for your product order each month so as not to get further in debt so that would be about $200. Next aim for another $400 a month, a total of approximately $600, then $1200 a month and keep going from there – the sky is the limit!


You will need to spend time doing those things that are most productive so once you are confident that you understand your product and the business you will need to spend time prospecting, following up and training those you have introduced – don’t be daunted by this as your upline and the company usually have this covered and you simply keep in touch with your group and share the positives with them. Positives downline and negatives (if any upline) so that they can be resolved – always look for solutions rather than problems.

Prospecting is a constant thing as mentioned above so you will keep adding to your names list each day.

If you have chosen to prospect online, you need to know how to do that understanding that your strike rate will be lower however it is something that can be done at any hour of the day or night from the comfort of your home so there are many positives.

Talking to people in person or on the phone starts with listening – when we really listen to what people are saying we hear what they want (their WHY). It may be better health – more time with family, or time to exercise, eat better, etc. Of course, most people want more money for good reasons so find out their WHY such as eliminate debt, quit job, new home, education, charity, etc.

You can offer product benefits and a financial opportunity to either supplement or replace their current income.

When you understand your prospect’s WHY you are better able to help them achieve it.

If your prospect can meet you in person arrange to meet in your home, their home or a local place such as a coffee shop however you should let the company tools do the work so either use a computer, tablet or a presentation book to tell the story. Your sponsor may be able to join you in the early days as someone with more experience.

When phoning someone who is too far away to meet, invite them to look at your website – the opportunity video should cover all the products as well as the business so send an email with your website details and any attachments your upline have provided.

After people agree to take a look make a time to call them back and follow up to find out what they liked about what they saw and see if they want more information on the products or opportunity and if they are keen then ask if they are ready to get started. Explain how to enrol on your website –  take them through the process online (preferred).

Follow up – if anyone is really interested they will have lots of questions so make sure they are all answered.

Keep track of those you have to follow up with in a diary or a spread sheet.

Let them know you will be calling back and do it on time and with confidence without being pushy.

If they are not ready to be a distributor suggest they use the products for a few months then follow up again (of course by joining as a distributor they get the lowest prices) Without bombarding them you could email them with exciting success stories about the products or the latest company news.

Remember – the fortune is in the follow up!


Teaching the above will start a process of duplication, and when your people can duplicate this and teach others to do the same your group will truly start to grow as will your income!

Encourage everyone to follow the SYSTEM – there is no point in reinventing the wheel.

Remember the business is so simple that intelligent people frequently mess it up so get out of the way and let the tools do the work – the website and the videos should be credible.

If you talk less, listen, then invite people to the tools the easier it is for that person to say “I CAN DO THIS” – the more talking you do, the easier it becomes for the person to say ‘I CAN’T DO THIS.”

If you know WHY someone wants more money or better health or whatever else gives them confidence then they can see themselves succeeding by joining with you.  As long as they have a strong WHY and are teachable they should duplicate and stay active. You should also tell them how you got your act together and help them do the same.

Teach whenever you can – make every conversation a teaching moment and teach correct principles.

Principles are rules of conduct and the essence of integrity and success – some examples are faith, hope, charity, honesty, reliability, courage, patience, diligence, discipline, humility, virtue, consideration, loyalty, optimism. If you love what you are doing, love your products and love helping other people these principles will be evident in you and people will trust you and follow you.

The most powerful way to teach is by example so show the way, practice what you preach and always encourage and uplift people. Live a life of integrity and success will find you.

Training – make sure your new distributor spends as much time as you did studying every aspect of the business and gaining confidence thus avoiding “getting shot down in flames” with every attempt to sponsor someone. This can be catastrophic as some people have a difficult time handling rejection and there will be rejection just as there is in most businesses so the best way to deal with it is being prepared with a strong belief system – in yourself, your product and your company and again if your Why is strong enough and you have done what is necessary to build your confidence you will press forward no matter what.

The SYSTEM I referred to in the Introduction was much more comprehensive than the four steps above but I wanted to keep this brief and simple so if anyone needs clarification or more information I am happy to help. The SYSTEM enabled me to make a six figure income and help many others to make money and achieve their goals.

Again, treat your business seriously and never ever give up.

Go forth with love and success will be yours.

Best wishes for success,

Tony Hayden-Smith


Success is a favourable outcome.



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